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Well, today is 5/17/09 and it has been 5 days since Corgi's surgery. She refused her pain pill today. She is only on Remadyl. David was working in the yard and kept Corgi outside with him in her enclosure. David also started her therapy. Soon the staples will be removed. Corgi is so pitiful to look at, but seems to be in good spirits. She walks a few steps and sits down. Since the surgery was performed on both sides she has a hard time laying down. She seems depressed, understandably so. I need hip replacement myself but have to wait until I get my Medicare in another year. I can identify with Corgi and her pain. I thank God for her recovery.
5/19/09 Well, Corgi made it up and down her ramp for the first time. She is really constipated, from the antibiotics.  Per vet's instructions, we gave her some rice mixed with a little oatmeal, a scrambled egg and a little Yogurt to get her bowels moving. David is giving her therapy. Just moving her legs up and down. Other that that, she seems fine.

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