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This site is all about our Corgis and the others. We have two Corgis, Corgi and Brooke, along with a Boston Terrier, Kissy and a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, Daisy. The Corgis are sisters and were born 5/27/07, Kissy is six and Daisy is two years old. They are a great bunch and love each other very much.
  Corgi is very special. Her and Brooke were born 5/27/2007 and seemed ok then. A  year later Corgi was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and after a long time of debating we've decided on the surgery.
   On May 12,09 she underwent a double (both sides) Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO). We were scared to death. There is so little information about the after care which is extensive. She came home three days ago and was miserable. It is going to be a long and difficult recovery period. My poor baby. For the next two weeks she will have to be totally confined. We live in Colorado and the weather is very nice right now. We've arranged an enclosure for her outside in the shade which she loves. Please watch her videos which are updated, to see her recovery. It is now six weeks later and she is doing much better. She will have her first swimming therapy on 6/21/09.

Today 9/4/09 Corgi has nearly completely recovered. She is running and playing, and swimming and giving her sisters a hard time. She is happy!!!!
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